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We’re here to make sure that what you’re buying meets industry standards. Our comprehensive, custom Practical Completion Inspections reports are designed to give you all the information you need – and more!

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    At Expert Building Inspectors, we are committed to taking care of our local community. Our experience across Sydney and its surrounding areas means we understand what problems frequently plague construction in these suburbs. A PCI inspection is incredibly important to identify any issues or poor workmanship prior to the handover of a new home, unit or commercial property. That’s why our PCI reports are comprehensive and can be customised for any specific focus areas you may have.

    About our PCI inspections

    At Expert Building Inspectors, we specialise in practical completion inspections and provide comprehensive, custom reports to give you peace of mind. Below is our inspection checklist which outlines the minimum inclusions in all our PCI inspections.

    Our Inspection checklist


    • Paintwork
    • Ceilings & inner walls
    • Tiles, plaster, slab
    • Lights and electrical
    • Plumbing & taps
    • Window & door installation
    • Cabinetry
    • Ceilings and cornice
    • Floor coverings


    • Paintwork
    • Portico
    • Taps
    • Flyscreens
    • Brickwork compliance
    • Exterior walls
    • Render installation
    • All outdoors areas


    • Hip capping
    • Flashings
    • Cutters
    • Facia
    • Eave installation
    • Box gutters
    • Ridge capping
    • Downpipes


    A Practical Completion Inspection helps to make sure that what you’re buying is up to standard before the property is handed over. During our handover inspection, we’ll look for a range of things including;

    • Structural damages
    • Quality of finish
    • Any incomplete work
    • Cosmetic defects
    • Presence of appliances
    • Building defects
    • Safety hazards
    • Fixtures and fittings
    • Faulty doors and windows


    Our commitment is to go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the information you need. We pride ourselves on reports that find issues that other inspectors may overlook.


    We provide quality services from expert building inspectors who have years of experience. Our inspectors undergo regular training in the building industry and cover hundreds of elements when inspecting your building and creating your report.


    We always keep our clients in the loop and keep their building needs in mind. Our inspectors are always eager to answer all the questions that you may have so that you can make informed decisions.


    Our inspectors are armed with the latest moisture, radar, and thermal equipment. This helps them assess your building’s condition efficiently without using any intrusive methods.


    We offer a price match guarantee so if you find a lower comparable quote, we'll match it. There are no hidden fees so you know exactly what you are paying for.


    Anne P

    My husband and I sought EBI's expertise to conduct three building and pest reports this year. We found them very knowledgeable, detailed and practical in their advice. They were very approachable, friendly and down to earth. For anyone looking for their next property, they would be your biggest ally and counsel. Because of EBI, we were able to avoid a fear near misses!!! Highly recommend.

    Laura Barnett

    I couldn't recommend EBI more! We have used them for 2 inspections and they have been incredibly reliable, thorough and professional. They are so knowledgeable and willing to share this with their client. They gave us such great assurance with our purchases. I wouldn't use anyone else!

    Moz Mungkung

    Building Inspection

    EBI was marvellous from initial contact and very easy to deal with from start to finish. They have great communication skills and kept me updated throughout the whole process. They were able to get our inspection done within the deadline, and had the report prepared and sent to me on the same day the inspection was completed. They were very thorough in their report and patient when explaining their feedback on the findings from the inspection. EBI are very detailed, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you EBI!

    Bradley Scott

    I was very happy and impressed with the service that EBI provided. I got them to do a Pre-purchase building and termite inspection report. I found it to be thorough and they were also happy to provide further feedback. I would recommend their services.

    ashutosh singh jadon

    EBI have a unique experience of build history of the area and surroundings. I can say because they not only did flawless inspection of my new purchase and promptly find faults but also explained to me about the reasons behind and potential actions I can take. I highly recommend their services.

    robert zy “robwzy” Wang

    excellent professional building and pest inspection, super detailed and very knowledgeable and precise, extensive coverage and video capture, very responsive and accommodating to tenant schedules

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